Did you know that in 2022 we've seen cyberattacks ranging from literal cyberwarfare to ransomware crippling entire countries?

The data makes no mistake: cyberattacks will continue to increase in quantity and complexity. New cyberattacks will do greater damage and lead to greater financial ruin for their victims. If you're not sure what to do against those odds, then managed cloud services are the solution for you.

Managed cloud services take your responsibility for your cloud services out of your hands, and put it in those of professionals. These are seasoned IT vets who know how to handle all the difficulties and risks that come with the territory.

Keep reading as we discuss just a few of the benefits that managed cloud services could provide to you.

Managed Cloud Services Are Cost Effective

Good cloud services don't come cheap--at least when you bankroll them yourself. You have to hire a team, purchase the equipment, and fund server operations. It's understandable why companies are reluctant to pour money into something that makes no direct profit.

With managed cloud services, you leave all of that up to the team of experts. They provide the software, infrastructure, and human resources. The price you see is what you get.

This can save you a lot of money compared to running your own team. Since these managed cloud services have it down to a science, they pass their savings onto you.

Stay Up to Date

Hackers often exploit outdated software. Unfortunately, far too many people choose to delay updates for far too long. Even delaying an update for just a week puts you at a massive amount of risk.

Updates aren't easy, especially when you have round-the-clock service. You have to put servers offline, shut down Microsoft services, and much more. This eats into your uptime and harms your revenue stream.

With a Microsoft consultant who runs your cloud services, that's all on them. Updates happen almost instantly. You stay up to date with the latest software--and security patches, too!

24/7 Support

Once your IT team clocks out, they're out. The only way to bring them back in an emergency is to wake them for a hurried drive back. This isn't a good procedure when disaster strikes.

But if you hire your team to run round the clock, that's money poured into an operation that's there for emergencies only. Managed cloud services provide an easy solution.

Your cloud team will provide you with support at all hours of the day. They'll be monitoring in the odd hours of the night when the rest of your regular employees are abed.

If there's an emergency situation, they can be on top of it in an instant even if you're asleep. This allows you to tackle a security breach without putting everyone through sleepless nights.

Cutting Edge, Reliable Hardware

IT is a rapidly evolving field, and so is the underlying hardware. Servers need new motherboards, RAM, CPUs, and storage devices. Outdated or deprecated hardware provides security vulnerabilities and leads to reduced performance for your team.

If you pay for these things on your own dime, though, the cost will add up quickly. Turn to managed cloud services, and that becomes a non-issue.

Managed cloud services have to remain competitive, and they do so with next-gen hardware. You're only getting the best of the best, without purchasing this equipment yourself. You get the services they provide with no financial burden to set up a team.

Improved Collaboration and Consulting

Integration and improved workflow are important factors in your team's ability to coordinate with Microsoft services. A Microsoft consultant that specializes in cloud services can help you build a collaborative system.

One example of improved collaboration is with the Teams consulting. Microsoft Teams is the gold standard for office employees when it comes to coordination and collaboration. However, you will need to optimize the app for your unique office setting.

Let your managed cloud services team handle this for you. They can customize a solution that brings the most important features to the forefront and prioritizes inter-team communication.

Worldwide Access

The world of remote work has changed how employers keep track of their employees. Employees may be in other offices, at home, or at the other side of the globe. This makes it hard to get the equipment they need to them and to monitor their work performance.

With cloud services, you have the same platform and software across the board. This software is up to date and has collaborative settings built-in by default. The software syncs across hundreds of users so everyone has up-to-date information.

This makes it easier for employees to work on the go. There's no need to concern yourself with security protocol at a business meeting. All they need is a company laptop and a company VPN to access the servers as needed.

Recovery Solutions

None of this is complete without a backup plan. The saying in the cybersecurity community is not one of if you are hacked, but when. You need to accept the very real possibility that you may have to face a security breach of some degree in the future.

Your managed services team can build a disaster plan. They can make backups and provide strategies for those contingencies. You'll be more than ready against a potential cyberattack.

Find Cloud Services That Work for You

Managed cloud services are a cost-effective and one-size-fits-all approach to your cloud-enabled services. This gives you professional expertise at a reasonable cost, without skimping on the best security in the industry. Managed cloud services give you updated software that is patched and ready to withstand exploitation.

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